Se Habla Español
Spanish-English/ English-Spanish translations by a native of Mexico


Hablas Español?

With the rapid growth of the Hispanic community, you cannot afford as a business to lose clientel from the Spanish speaking population by your inability to communicate in their native language.

-Losing potential sales? By having web sites, marketing flyers, promotions, and advertisements translated into Spanish, you expand the opportunities of your business and reach thousands of Hispanics with your services and products.

-Unable to communicate with your employees? Perhaps you are an employer with Spanish speaking employees and you need to have important employee manuals, HR forms and benefit brochures translated for their benefit.

- Unable to communicate with your clients? You may be a hospital, law practice, dental office and you have Spanish speaking clients/patients you need to communicate important information to but you don't have a bi-lingual employee on hand to help. Have your important brochures and documents translated into Spanish to help facilitate your serving the Hispanic community.


What is "Se Habla Español"?

The words "Se Habla Español" in Spanish means "Spanish spoken here." My name is Maria Hodges and "Se Habla Español" is a free lance translation business that I own and operate. I am a native of Mexico who knows both the language and the culture of Mexico from experience, and I also speak fluent English having lived in the United States for over 20 years. I have worked for the Department of Social Services in Monroe, NC as an Interpreter for the Hispanic community and I have translated numerous documents into Spanish which continue to be used by the personell to serve the Hispanic community.

I take pride in doing meticulous, detailed and prompt work. You can rest assured if you commission me for a translation project that the job will be done with great care and on time.

For a free quote, contact me at 704-843-1391 or via e mail at

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